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If you're looking for products that will keep you and your crew safe on the water, you've come to the right place. Our Safety main category offers a wide range of essential equipment to help you stay prepared and protected on all your sailing adventures. Discover our extensive selection of life rafts, life jackets, safety equipment, distress beacons and flares, carefully selected to meet the highest safety standards and to ensure optimum performance.

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What is boat safety

Safety on the boat is of great importance to everyone who goes out on the water. It starts with thorough preparation and maintenance of essential safety equipment on board. Make sure you and your crew have the right knowledge and skills to sail safely, such as navigation, weather, first aid and communication.

Invest in high-quality safety equipment, personal protective equipment and reliable communications equipment to keep in touch with other vessels and rescue services in the event of an emergency. Establish emergency procedures and ensure that everyone on board understands and can implement them. Take into account current weather forecasts and provide up-to-date nautical charts for safe and efficient navigation. Finally, get an assortment of distress signals and invest in reliable distress beacons to act quickly in an emergency.