Batteriy Lithium LiFePo4 52Ah-LT

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The Relion range of batteries are suitable for many applications and has a long life cycle. Because of the lithium technology the batteries are very light weight, up to 10 times than its lead-acid counterparts. The lithium batteries are the best solution for long life cycle and trustworthiness. Lithium batteries give more energy with high consumption compared to the classic batteries and need almost no maintenance. Given the long life cycle and the low maintenance makes them a economical interesting investment despite the higher price when buying. Specific charge- and discharge characterises can be downloaded from the website, look in the download section.

• Low temperature models; have a heating element build-in for safe charging at low temperatures up to -20°C with a regular lithium charger.
• High power models; are suitable for high current discharge for short periods as needed with starter batteries and thruster batteries.

More Information

More Information
Battery terminalM8
Battery TypeLithium
Max. charge currentLight Tempature
Max. outer dimensions LxWxH197x166x173mm
Nominal battery capacity C20°52Ah
Nominal battery voltage12 volt
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manufacturers refRB52-LT
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Delivery time3 weeks

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